Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Update from the Producer

We are very excited for our next film date, when we'll be interviewing and filming in performance, the great Cline brothers - Alex & Nels. Alex & Nels Cline, identical twins, are known worldwide as virtuosos in the art of performing spontaneous music and improve. Both solo artists in their own right, Nels is also currently the guitarist for the Grammy award-winning American alternative band, Wilco. Alex's drumming has been featured on many, many recordings over the years and some of his recent work includes collaborations with Jazz great, Peter Erskine. Not easy to coordinate, we're fortunate to get both of them together in town, at the same time, in what is sure to be a rare, special interview. We're proud to include them in our film. More soon on this upcoming shoot!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

"From Within To Without"

This is a spontaneously performed spoken word piece by Rich Ferguson, featuring the drumming talents of Terry Bozzio and Rich Mangicaro. This piece will be featured in Tonal Spontaneity.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Richard Ferguson Video in Production

Production is underway on a music video featuring spontaneous spoken word poetry by Rich Ferguson, with percussion by Terry Bozzio and Rich Mangicaro. This music video will be featured in the web series The Art Of Improv, as well as released separately. More updates soon.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

More Interviews Completed

Update from the director...

(Terry Bozzio performing w/Rich Mangicaro)

Today we shot three interviews, with renowned yoga teachers Joan Hyman and Whitney Allen, and with world-famous drummer Terry Bozzio (Frank Zappa/Missing Persons), as well as some fantastic performance pieces. Their involvement in the film is much appreciated and will add tremendous depth to an ever-evolving project. So to the three of you, Rich M., and Rich Ferguson, thanks for a great day!

Friday, July 31, 2009

From eNews...

"Tonal Spontaneity" is an upcoming documentary film, produced by Rich Mangicaro under his production company "Ram57 Productions". The film will focus on spontaneous performance and the various influences that inspire the players, including guided yoga classes with live music. The film will feature interviews with reputable yoga instructors, dancers and musicians, including yoga/drummer extraordinaire - Terry Bozzio.

On Tuesday July 28th, Rich was a guest on Terry Bozzio’s "The Art Of Drumming" show on the DrumChannel. The episode covered the subject of Drumming & Yoga and how practicing Yoga can have a very positive impact on your playing. If you missed the show it will be available for future viewing after Friday, July 31st. Log onto and search for "The Art Of Drumming" - Drumming & Yoga, featuring Rich Mangicaro and Cheri Clampett.

In addition to his busy performance schedule and projects with Ram57 Productions, Rich has written a number of articles for top drum and percussion magazines throughout the world. His most recent article published was Abe Laboriel Jr’s cover story in the July/August issue of Drumhead Magazine. Rich just completed a feature article on Stevie Nicks' great groove drummer - Jimmy Paxson, which will be published in Modern Drummer’s November issue.