Sunday, November 21, 2010


In pursuing our quest for true improv artistic expression, we recently filmed a session with Eboni Adams and her dance troupe, performing with us, playing percussion accompaniment. Eboni and her dance partners have spent years together on stage as Celine Dion's dancers and while achieving world-wide recognition in that arena, they thoroughly enjoy spontaneous expression when they have the chance. As you may expect, working with such a well-known artist as Celine, every move they make on stage is choreographed and planned, when we asked them to talk to us about this side of dance expression, they "jumped" at the chance. We're thankful to include their slant of this art form in our film.

Also filmed recently, we interviewed veteren Yoga instructor Joan Hyman about her experience of utilizing music in her yoga classes. Joan has been teaching yoga for many years and has used music in her classes to "wake up the soul", as she says. A truly beautiful spirit, we're happy to include Joan's expertise about the union of yoga and music.

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